Cora Sabourin


Cora Sabourin

Barcelona, SPAIN

“Handmade ceramic to celebrate each ritual.”

Coraline is a French artist who grew up in Brazil. She started her career in fashion and did a second graduation in Arts when she moved back to France. In Paris she started to take ceramic classes and had an incredible connection with clay. During the pandemic, she build a little studio at home, took the time to practice, and naturally ceramics became more and more a part of her life. For her, working with clay it's a way to connect with herself, with the nature and the history of our ancestors. It's a key to slow down, and be more present, the practice can feel really meditative and therapeutic.

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Value in the details

Crafting Timeless Art: Exploring Hand-Building Techniques

She mostly work with hand-building and techniques such as pinching, slab and coilling. Coiling is a primitive technique which consists to superpose progressively rolls one on top of another until a shape is created. These are slower processes that require a lot of patience and dedication.

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Fluxo Tray Fluxo Tray
Cora SabourinFluxo Tray
Sale price$97.00 USD
Sand Bottle Sand Bottle
Cora SabourinSand Bottle
Sale priceFrom $152.00 USD
Alga Bottle Alga Bottle
Cora SabourinAlga Bottle
Sale priceFrom $152.00 USD
Alga Cup Alga Cup
Cora SabourinAlga Cup
Sale priceFrom $57.00 USD
Sand Cup Sand Cup
Cora SabourinSand Cup
Sale priceFrom $57.00 USD
Duna Long Plate Duna Long Plate
Cora SabourinDuna Long Plate
Sale priceFrom $48.00 USD
Ormuz Tray Ormuz Tray
Cora SabourinOrmuz Tray
Sale price$88.00 USD
Round Butter Dish and Knife Round Butter Dish and Knife
Cora SabourinRound Butter Dish and Knife
Sale price$119.00 USD
Fluxo Tapas Plate Fluxo Tapas Plate
Cora SabourinFluxo Tapas Plate
Sale priceFrom $71.00 USD

You might wonder...

Yes! Most types of ceramic will be suitable for oven use at reasonable temperatures (around 200°C)

Yes. My glazes are created and checked according to the limits of use of each material.


It depends, if you have any special requests please contact TA-DAAN by email.


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