Clementin Atelier


Clementin Atelier


“Handmade brand that thrives in creating unique pieces with strong personalities meant to be timeless.”

Rita Machado is the creative force behind ClementinAtelier, a ceramics studio based in the vibrant city of Lisboa. Here, each piece is lovingly crafted through a slow and handmade process, ensuring that every creation is truly unique.

After completing her studies, Rita was struck by a profound desire to bring something of her own into the world. Her vision for ClementinAtelier revolves around the delicate interplay between Portuguese traditions and contemporary design. This dynamic fusion infuses her work with a timeless charm that captivates all who encounter it.

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Value in the details

Ceramics with Unique Textures and Techniques

Main techniques are manual modeling and mold filling. Some details and designs are then created through all sort of techniques, using objects and surfaces to create textures and other singular characteristic - for example, a cat brush is used for one of our signature designs in Mar Collection.

You might wonder...

Yes, we recommend that our pieces be washed in a dishwasher, to help prevent mold development

They can be used in the microwave but we do not recommend using them in the oven.


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