Milan, ITALY

“We stand for quality over convenience and are moved by passion and self expression.”

The guys at Babú are long time friends with the common drive to create and express themselves. After graduating and spending a few years following a structured career path they decided to draw it themselves and become active contributors to the Italian manufacturing ecosystem.

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Value in the details

Handmade Footwear in Vigevano

All Babú are handmade in the historic footwear district of Vigevano. First thing first the material is laser-cut with precision to minimize waste and then handstitched to create the uppers and the linings. In the meantime, a specialized laboratory will have produced the custom natural buffalo leather soles that will be attached to the upper. Once the initial components are ready they are molded around the last to give it its iconic shape. The molding process is arguably the most striking to watch as it requires a perfect balance of strength and precision. This step is a testament to the passion and skill of Vigevano’s artisans. Finally the soles are attached with a particular cementing method which utilizes a cork filling to ensure a long-lasting attachment and a softer feel on the foot for comfort.

You might wonder...

If undecised between two sizes, pick the smallest one. It will be harder to wear at first but will fit perfectly from the second day onwards.

Some people prefer to add some rubber to the sole to make it less slippery. That is perfectly fine and any shoe shop in your area should be able to do it!


An ever growing community

Artisans, designers and creative minds are the protagonists! Do you want to join this amazing community? Reach out to us!