Marignane, FRANCE

“Innovating to make concrete & wax desirable.”

Audrey is a self-taught craftswoman and designer. After graduating in graphic design, which taught her a sensitivity to beautiful things, she took on a series of odd jobs, even though deep down she knew she'd end up as an entrepreneur. 6 years later and a burn-out later, she knew it was time to finally take the plunge and not regret it. AKARA was born in 2020!

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Value in the details

AKARA's Unique Approach to Handmade Molding and Sustainable Materials

The pieces are then molded directly in the workshop, so as not to import molds from Asia or Turkey, as is the case with most molds used in the world of decorative objects.
Whether wax or concrete, the raw material is poured into molds and requires a drying time ranging from a few hours to 2 days.
For waxed objects, the candles are removed from the moulds and reworked down to the last detail, then packed.
For concrete objects, everything is removed from the mold, but that's not all! Each object is sanded and then varnished by hand with an eco-responsible film-forming varnish that prevents grease and water encrustation, for infinite durability.
AKARA stands out from other brands of its kind thanks to its entirely hand-crafted process, including the design of molds for its objects. But also in the perpetual innovation of its raw materials.

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Scented Concrete Candle Scented Concrete Candle
AKARAScented Concrete Candle
Sale price$82.00 USD
Oblong Decorative Candle Oblong Decorative Candle
AKARAOblong Decorative Candle
Sale price$57.00 USD
Peaks Decorative Candle Peaks Decorative Candle
AKARAPeaks Decorative Candle
Sale price$57.00 USD
Arch Concrete Candle Holder Arch Concrete Candle Holder
AKARAArch Concrete Candle Holder
Sale price$61.00 USD
Bottle Concrete Candle Holder Bottle Concrete Candle Holder

You might wonder...

Of course they are! Refills are sold separately to give your concrete jar yet another life.

Some of them, yes! I can change the color of concrete objects and I can also make certain objects in Terrazzo. Do reach out to TA-DAAN in chat or via e-mail and we'll let you know if we can meet your needs.

Candle scents change twice a year! Once in March, once in September. Two scents each time, representing the coming seasons.


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