Agus Garrigou


Agus Garrigou

Barcelona, SPAIN

"Ceramics inspired by volcanic nature, for everyday life."

Agustina Garrigou is a ceramic artist based in Barcelona. Born in Buenos Aires in 1985 and trained as an industrial designer, she has been part of several ceramic biennales, art fairs, design festivals, and artistic residencies.

Each piece of her collection is a testament to her deep love and respect for nature, showcasing the intricate patterns, colors, and textures found in the environment around us.

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Value in the details

Crafting Uniqueness: Agus Garrigou's Handmade Pottery and Expressive Glazes

Agus Garrigou makes her pieces all by hand and using the potter´s wheel, as a way to mark uniqueness and make a personal stamp at each product. She first starts throwing and trimming the pieces in the wheel, then sculpt and attach handles and leave them to dry before the bisq firing for two days. Then is the moment to glaze the pieces, and here is where she applies the glazes that she spent many years investigating, to make textures that are expressive and raw in bright and organic colours. The glaze firing takes two days and reaches 1240ºC.

5 products
Overflow Cup MIX - Set of 5 (-22%) Overflow Cup MIX - Set of 5 (-22%)
Vulca Vase Vulca Vase
Agus GarrigouVulca Vase
Sale price$99.00 USD
Vulca Mug Vulca Mug
Agus GarrigouVulca Mug
Sale priceFrom $55.00 USD
Vulca Bowl Vulca Bowl
Agus GarrigouVulca Bowl
Sale priceFrom $47.00 USD
Overflow Cup Overflow Cup
Agus GarrigouOverflow Cup
Sale priceFrom $48.00 USD

You might wonder...

No, we treat the surface post firing so as to be smooth to the touch, but still look crackled.

Yes! Just ask TA-DAAN via email, and we´ll let you know the possibilities.

Not really, it is super resistant stoneware. That means it will probably brake if you drop it, but except for that is pretty resistant to any manipulation and typical use.


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