Af Jord - Louise Reimer


Af Jord

Espergærde, Denmark

"My goal is to make pieces with an uncompromising attention to the details that ground you, and make you feel calm and peaceful."

Behind Af Jord is Louise Reimer, a ceramicist from The Danish Design Academy in 2013.

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Value in the details

The meditative technique

When Louise works, the dialogue with the material is always essential. With more than 15 years of experience, Louise feels at home on the potter's wheel. That's why most of her items are hand-thrown.
In all her finalized pieces, you can almost perceive the meditative state she is in, when in deep connection with the clay.

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RO Coffee Cup RO Coffee Cup
Af JordRO Coffee Cup
Sale price$62.00 USD
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Set of 4 RO espresso cups Set of 4 RO espresso cups
Af JordRO Espresso Cup - Set of 4
Sale price$162.00 USD
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RO Milk Jug RO Milk Jug
Af JordRO Milk Jug
Sale price$65.00 USD
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RO Tea Cup RO Tea Cup
Af JordRO Tea Cup
Sale price$65.00 USD
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RO Espresso Cup and RO Milk Jug - Set of 4 RO Espresso Cup and RO Milk Jug - Set of 4
Af JordRO Espresso Cup and RO Milk Jug - Set of 4
Sale price$219.00 USD

You might wonder...

Yes, Af Jord products are microwave and dishwasher safe.
We still recommend hand washing to keep your products as new for longer.

Ro coffee cups and RO espresso cups have a similar design, but they have different dimensions. The espresso cup is smaller and sold in set of 4 pieces, the coffee cup is bigger and can be bought singularly. If you love your coffee tall (such as an americano) we definitely recommend the coffee cup or the RO tea cup.
The capacity of each is:
60 ml - RO espresso cup
120 ml - RO coffee cup
200 ml - RO tea cup

Louise is very committed to have a small sustainable business:
- You will receive the products well protected with paper packaging and no plastic;
- All the glazes used in her production are non toxic, 100% food safe and developed by good local suppliers;
- Her electrical kiln is powered exclusively using wind power.


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