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Devi Petti

Stylus Earrings

Stylus Earrings

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10% will be donated to UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women

Crafted in Germany

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Stylus Earrings are a pair of earrings taking inspiration from the intricate shapes of plants and algae. Handcrafted with the lost wax technique.

Please note that each piece is handcrafted and will bare slightly unique characteristics while staying true to the style.





0,4 cm L x 0,4 cm W x 5,6 cm H
Set weight 5 g

Care and Maintenance

Everyday use:
- Remove your jewellery when washing hands, using any detergents or chemicals of any kind, as they may tarnish.

- It is not recommended that you wear bronze jewellery in sea water (no problem with silver)

- For a more thorough cleaning, first scrub with warm water and a mild liquid soap (lemon dish soap is perfect) using a toothbrush to remove dirt.

- To restore the jewellery's shine, soak it in boiling water with a little lemon juice for about 5 minutes.
Rinse the jewellery under warm water and remove any lemon residue with the help of the liquid soap and toothbrush. Dry your pieces thoroughly with a clean towel.

- Alternatively, all jewellery can be professionally re-polished at a local jeweller.


Rose Bronze, Gold Plated Silver


Lost-wax casting

Shipping time

Products are shipped between 4 working days (when in stock) and 3 weeks (if made to order).


Shipping is FREE IN EUROPE:

- over € 150 if you place an order from a single artisan;

- over € 250 if you place an order from multiple artisans.

Shipping cost below € 150/€ 250 varies according to continent, in accordance with the following flat shipping rates:

- Europe: € 9,99

- UK: € 17 

- USA: € 25 

- Rest of the world: € 35

The flat shipping rate is € 5,99 If the shipping is to the same Country of the artisan (i.e. from a Spanish artisan to a Spanish customer).

As a matter of fact, we do want to encourage you to shop local and support artisans from your own Country ☺️

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