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Devi Petti

Kraken Earrings

Kraken Earrings

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10% will be donated to UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women

Crafted in Germany

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Kraken Earrings are inspired by the kraken, a legendary sea monster originated from the tales of sailors returning from voyages in unknown waters.

It represents the unexpected, nature that becomes a monster and does not allow itself to be dominated.

Please note that each piece is handcrafted and will bare slightly unique characteristics while staying true to the style.





1.4 cm L x 0,4 cm W x 1.8 cm H
Set weight 6,4 g

Care and Maintenance

Everyday use:
- Remove your jewellery when washing hands, using any detergents or chemicals of any kind, as they may tarnish.

- It is not recommended that you wear bronze jewellery in sea water (no problem with silver)

- For a more thorough cleaning, first scrub with warm water and a mild liquid soap (lemon dish soap is perfect) using a toothbrush to remove dirt.

- To restore the jewellery's shine, soak it in boiling water with a little lemon juice for about 5 minutes.
Rinse the jewellery under warm water and remove any lemon residue with the help of the liquid soap and toothbrush. Dry your pieces thoroughly with a clean towel.

- Alternatively, all jewellery can be professionally re-polished at a local jeweller.


Rose Bronze, Gold Plated Silver


Lost-wax casting

Shipping time

Products are shipped between 4 working days (when in stock) and 3 weeks (if made to order).


Shipping is FREE IN EUROPE:

- over € 150 if you place an order from a single artisan;

- over € 250 if you place an order from multiple artisans.

Shipping cost below € 150/€ 250 varies according to continent, in accordance with the following flat shipping rates:

- Europe: € 9,99

- UK: € 17 

- USA: € 25 

- Rest of the world: € 35

The flat shipping rate is € 5,99 If the shipping is to the same Country of the artisan (i.e. from a Spanish artisan to a Spanish customer).

As a matter of fact, we do want to encourage you to shop local and support artisans from your own Country ☺️

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