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A jar of matcha powder next to ceramic cups and a whisk, ready for a matcha latte recipe.

How to make Matcha latte: A simple recipe

Master the craft of Matcha Latte with our recipe. Discover techniques for a silky texture and tips to customize your beverage for a unique at-home drink experience.
Artisan stretching vibrant pink wool during water felting workshop, surrounded by a rainbow of wool supplies.

Beginner’s guide to Water Felting: Crafting art from wool

Article written by @margaretjanedesign | Discover the joys of water felting with our easy-to-follow guide. Learn the basics of transforming wet wool into vibrant felt green creations, perfect for b...
An eco-conscious picnic setup on grass featuring a woven basket with an organic cotton napkin, a biodegradable ceramic jug, and a fresh orange on a sustainably made plate.

The ultimate guide to choosing eco-friendly picnicware for outdoor

Discover the ultimate guide to eco-friendly picnicware for outdoor events. Learn how to choose sustainable materials, and explore our top picks for durable, stylish picnic essentials. 
Fashion designer sketching a sustainable clothing design, focusing on natural materials for a green wardrobe.

Practical strategies for a green sustainable fashion wardrobe

Article written by Couture Reloaded | Choose a greener wardrobe with practical strategies for sustainable fashion. Discover how to make eco-friendly choices without compromising on style, from choo...
Spring Aesthetic Outfits, Sustainable Fashion, Collection, Sustainable Spring Fashion, Spring 2024 Trend, Casual Eco Wear, Warm Weather Outfits, Artisanal Spring Collection

Spring aesthetic outfits 2024: A sustainable fashion collection

Explore Spring aesthetic outfits 2024: Beatrice's collection of sustainable, handcrafted jewelry and accessories for a fresh, warm-weather look. Renew your spring vibe with our unique, nature-inspi...
Craftsmanship, RingCareTips, HandmadeJewelryUnique,  JewelryCare, BronzeJewelry, HandmadeRings, JewelryDesign

5 Bronze ring care tips: How to maintain your artisan rings

5 bronze ring care tips to maintain your unique handcrafted jewelry. Learn how to clean, polish, and protect your bronze pieces from the green halo effect.
Craftsmanship, SustainableLifestyle, ValentinesDayPrensents, RomanticHomeDining, ValentinesTableSetting, HandcraftedCeramics,  SustainableGifts, MusaeStudio,

Tips for a romantic Valentine's table decor with handmade tableware

Set the mood this Valentine's Day with unique handcrafted tableware that is perfect for a romantic meal.
Craftsmanship, SustainableLifestyle, PotteryRepair, Kintsugi, CreativeCeramics, BrokenBeauty, HandmadePotteryTips

How to repair broken ceramics with Kintsugi

Pro tips | Follow the TA-DAAN tutorial on how to repair broken ceramics and preserve their unique beauty.
Start the new year in style with sustainability

Start the new year in style with sustainability

New year resolution | Start 2024 with TA-DAAN for a sustainable and eco-friendly life style.
Crafting a Fresh Start - Mindful Rituals - Claire Lune

Crafting a Fresh Start: The Art of Mindful Rituals

Pro Tips with Claire Lune | Embrace intentional restarts for mental well-being and cultivate a harmonious routine.
Aketekete Basket | TA-DAAN Pro Tips

How to Reshape a Flattened Handwoven Basket

Explore this easy TA-DAAN tutorial on how to restore the shape of your handwoven basket. Keep your unique piece looking its best with this easy method. 
Fix furniture with visible mending - Sarah Neubert TA-DAAN

How to fix furniture with visible mending

Pro Tips with Sarah Neubert | Discover the art of visible mending and how it can revitalize your furniture. In collaboration with fiber artist Sarah Neubert, we present a step-by-step video tutoria...
At home sushi - Handmade sushi set - Pottery&Poetry

At home sushi

Recipe | Follow along to make our at home sushi, we’ll be making some Temaki (the rolled in seaweed type) and enjoy our stunning Sushi Tray Set.
Bona Calvi Sunglasses Bronze Ring

Bronze Care Guide

TA-DAAN Tips | In this guide we give you some quick and handy tips to maintain your jewelry pieces looking like they did the first day.
Handmade Dip Bowl with Granola - Giulio Pottery Studio

No-Bake Granola Recipe

Recipe | Cozy up with this yummy and gut-friendly granola recipe! This granola can be made with simple healthy ingredients to get your day started on the right foot.