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IFULKKI Tote Bag Green

IFULKKI Tote Bag Green

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Crafted in Morocco

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IFULKKI Tote Bag is made out of a berber kilim rug. It's a structured tote bag, quite roomy and  very resistant. The word "Ifulkki" in Berber means "beautiful".

This bag is a unique piece!

The rug used is a "Oued Zem" one, a location in the Atlas mountains, south-east of Casablanca. The rug is handwoven by local berber women. Each carpet features colourful patterns, and each of these patterns has a special meaning, a kind of secret diary of the weaver.





10 cm W x 35 cm H
Base length 24 cm
Top length 40 cm
Straps 21 cm

Weight 450 g

Care and Maintenance

Dry clean only


Chenille, Cotton and Synth threads


The carpet is then cut and sown as fabric.

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