Marrakech, Morocco

IFULKKI is the small business by Antonella Deiana: Italian born, with twenty years experience in the fashion world, she decides to move to Morocco in 2019.

The idea of IFULKKI comes out during the lock-down, and it is the combination of a past experience in product management with the fabulous Moroccan artisan world. The beauty of a handmade and colourful product that becomes yours.

The materials used for IFULKKI are berbere rugs. These rugs are traditionally handwoven by the women in their houses, or more recently also in cooperatives of women. Antonella personally selects and buys carpets at the souk. 

"I am in love with colors and just wanted to share with you this colorful world!"

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The uniqueness of artisanal products is found in their story - discover it!

Lalam Morocco

From berbere rugs to bags

Antonella designs the bags and gets berbere rugs at the souk.
These rugs are traditionally handwoven by the women in their houses (or more recently also in cooperatives of women).
An artisan in the medina cuts and saws the carpet giving the final shape to the bag.

Bright soft fabric

The materials used for the bags are rugs and they are woven using cotton and synth fybers, to create a "chenille thread". The internal lining is made of satin in matching brilliant colors.

The beauty of Morocco

The concept idea behind "IFULKKI" is to bring the beauty of Moroccan manufactures to the western world. Moreover to support local women and artisans in their profession.

You might wonder...

Are these bags roomy? Can I put my laptop inside?

Yes! You can definitely carry around your laptop, water bottle, notebook and more! These bags are not only spacious, but also very resistant.

Why are these bags unique pieces?

As these bags are made starting from a hand-woven rug, it is impossible to replicate the same exact pattern. From one berber rug 5/6 bags can be produced, but they all be quite different.
That's why these bags are unique pieces! 🤩