Creative mom artisan carefully crafting jewelry at her workshop bench, exemplifying skill and dedication

Mom's creative journey: Balancing artistry and motherhood

Explore Lodovica Fusco's journey as a 'creative mom', she crafts jewelry inspired by motherhood and the beauty of her surroundings.

I'm Lodovica Fusco, a contemporary jewelry goldsmith based in the enchanting city of Trieste, where the charm of the sea and mountains deeply inspires my work. As a 'creative mom', my art does more than just reflect the environment—it narrates my personal experiences within it. The textures, aromas, and sounds of Trieste shape my creations, every piece has its own tales of memories, emotions, and introspections.

Artisan arranging her handmade jewelry in a boutique display, blending artistry with motherhood.

In my journey as an artisan and mother, my twin boys, Martino and Tobia, have become integral to my narrative. The precious time during my pregnancy led to the birth of my 'Memorie' collection, an homage to the forgotten summers of my own childhood with my twin brother, Teo. These pieces hold a special place in my heart. They are not just mere ornaments, but rather, they carry with them precious memories of happy moments and symbolize hope for the future. As I crafted these pieces, I found the past intertwining with the present, a cycle of life that promised my sons the same companionship and joy I cherished.

Close-up of a creative hand adorned with vibrant, handcrafted memory rings, showcasing artisan jewelry artisan shaping jewelry with a hammer in her workshop, an image of her craft and precision.

Balancing the dual roles of a creative professional and a mother has its complexities. My life once revolved solely around my craft and my business, it now orbits equally around nurturing my children. Embracing this new pace was challenging, yet then gradually you come to accept a certain 'slowness'. Necessity shapes you into someone more organized, more productive, even as it dims your memory.

Creative mom working on jewelry pieces in her well-lit workshop surrounded by tools and her craft's inspirations
Elegant gold ring with blue stones presented on a lemon, crafted by artisan, symbolizing fresh, innovative design.

This transformation has not diminished my passion. On the contrary, it has enriched it. The privilege of raising two healthy, beautiful children while engaging in a profession I deeply love is a fortune I never take for granted. artisan carefully crafting jewelry at her workshop bench, exemplifying skill and dedication.My creative journey is influenced by many remarkable women, many of whom are not mothers themselves. Their choices remind us that womanhood encompasses a spectrum far beyond motherhood alone.

Among the inspiring figures in my life are Cecilia Sala, a discerning journalist; Sara Ricciardi, a fellow designer; and Karina Smagulova, an artisan whose work I admire. Each of these women brings a unique perspective that enriches my understanding and appreciation of both life and art.

As a creative mom, I continue to blend the vibrant threads of my life into my work, with every creation reflecting my journey of balancing family care and artistic expression.

The precious time during my pregnancy led to the birth of my 'Memories' collection


Lodovica Fusco - Memorie Ring

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