Redefining green: nature-based paper innovations

Redefining green: nature-based paper innovations

Discover how Le Stampe di Alice pioneers eco-friendly solutions in the paper industry.

Our collaboration with Le Stampe di Alice has shown us the possibility of redefining the boundaries of sustainable design. Le Stampe Di Alice joined the TA-DAAN team during Milan Design Week to showcase environmental responsibility in the paper industry.

A Sustainable Practice to Redefine the Packaging Industry 

Their dedication is evident in their FSC certification, which symbolizes more than just compliance with environmental standards—it represents their active contribution to reforestation. By choosing their packaging solutions, customers are indirectly involved in planting trees, fostering a greener planet.Our collaborative project, the TA-DAAN package, is evidence of our shared environmental values. This packaging solution not only utilizes materials that are 100% made in Italy, but it also incorporates an eco-friendly supply chain from start to finish. The use of such materials underlines our joint mission towards a sustainable future, making each package a step towards environmental responsibility.By integrating these practices, Le Stampe Di Alice doesn't just aim to minimize the ecological footprint but also to redefine the norms of packaging in the design industry.

The Role of Recycled Paper in Sustainable Printing 

Le Stampe Di Alice uses a variety of recycled papers, each selected for its environmental benefits and superior quality. Their papers are sourced from post-consumer waste, ensuring that we help reduce landfill use and forest exploitation.

Using recycled paper helps conserve water, save energy, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. These papers are beautiful and bear the lowest possible environmental impact. While recycled materials can present challenges, such as variability in texture and color,  their selection process ensures the highest quality. 

Elevating Experiences with Customized Packaging Services 

Le Stampe Di Alice offers extensive customization options for packaging, from simple logo imprints to elaborate, fully-designed packages. The service caters to businesses and individuals alike, aiming to enhance the unboxing experience. From the initial design consultation to the final delivery, Le Stampe Di Alice works closely with clients to bring their vision to life. 

Fancy a cool and sustainable packaging? Get in touch with Le Stampe di Alice team mentioning you're part of the TA-DAAN community and let them do the magic! 

Their papers are sourced from post-consumer waste, ensuring that we help reduce landfill use and forest exploitation.