Lodovica Fusco

Lodovica Fusco 

Trieste, Italy 

Lodovica lives in a city in northeastern Italy between the sea and the Carso plateau. The world of contemporary jewelry design has completely overwhelmed her, pushing her towards a continuous research and experimentation. With her handcrafted designs she talks about the world around her and especially the way she feels surrounded by it.


“Blending traditional and experimental methods from different artistic forms in jewelry projects.

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Environment as inspiration

With her handcrafted designs she talks about the world around her and most of all about the way she feel surrounded by it. The natural environment and landscape are what most influence her senses with its shapes, roughness, scents and sounds.

Combing sensations

The materials treated in her jewels are mainly metals such as brass and silver which she sometimes combine with other alternatives such as wood, resins, natural elements.

The artistic value of jewelry making

Lodovica loves creating jewels that come out of the classic concept. For her a jewel is precious not for its metal but for its artistic and experimental value. She adds research and feeling into each of her projects.

You might wonder...

What inspires her when she create a new collection?

Her collections tell about herself, her land and small lived stories.

Are these jewels unique pieces?

Each of Lodovica Fusco's jewels, even if replicated, is a unique piece because it is handmade! The difference between each jewel is not a defect but a value.

Are these jewels light?

Yes, in recent years Lodovica has also done a lot of research to make her jewels light and "comfortable".

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