Studio Papaya

Studio Papaya

Leipzig, Germany

Studio Papaya is a ceramic brand founded by Verena Deist and Johanna Lotz.

They met in early 2020 after both having gotten their degree in psychology and seperately having had a similar first contact with clay.

Verena and Johanna both decided to leave their assumed career path, fascinated by the versatility and freedom they experienced in working with clay.

After starting out by sharing a little studio, Verena and Johanna encouraged each other in their rather playful approach to work which eventually led to their fusion into Studio Papaya. 

For both of them it is important to keep learning about new techniques, maintaining their creative freedom, while making ceramic pieces, that are loved by their customers. 


" After digging our hands in clay for the first time we deeply fell in love with this material. Since then we love to create ceramics, that brightens everyday life and making it a bit more joyful in stressful times."

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Discover more about Studio Papaya

The uniqueness of artisanal products is found in their story - discover it!

A long journey

The work in ceramics can be seen as a quite long journey. From a lump of raw clay to a finished piece, many steps are passed - wheighing, wedging, throwing, trimming, glazing and firing are only some of them. The entire manufacturing process takes up to four weeks and thus requires a lot of patience and dedication.

A game of glazes

Verena and Johanna love to play around with the wide range of color and texture that different stoneware clay bodies provide. With their ceramic creations, they like to embrace the natural beauty of that special material and combine it with different glazes - some very colorful, some more natural.

Keep growing

Since moving into a bigger Studio in September 2020, they have continued growing and learning about clay, coming out with clean and minimalistic ceramic tableware collections, but also more eccentric unique pieces.

You might wonder...

Can I put these cups in microwave?

Sure thing! All Studio Papaya cups are microwave safe!
Enjoy your drink

Which cups have a matte finish and which one glossy?

💜 Lilac Cup is super glossy

The other cups (Lola espresso cups and Erich cup) are available in both finishes:
💙 💚 Blue and Green are only matte
❤️ 💜 Red and Lilac are glossy instead

The girls of Studio Papaya love playing with glazings!

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