Studio Delta Pottery


Studio Delta Pottery

Turin, ITALY

"To bring beauty into everyday rituals"

Studio Delta Pottery is a small ceramics studio located in Turin, Italy, run by Anna Basile. Anna has been working with clay since 2014 and can't imagine life without it. She produces design objects enriched by artisanal practices, combining aesthetic considerations and Eastern traditions, such as Wabi Sabi, with a Western approach to contemporary artistic experimentation, utilizing various techniques, particularly wheel throwing, while respecting traditional processes and achieving the most appreciable qualitative results.

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Guided by Emotion: The Meticulous Craftsmanship at Studio Delta Pottery

The production process revolves around two techniques: wheel throwing and slab building, giving Anna creative freedom. Inspiration fuels the journey as Anna's hands shape the clay, guided by emotion. With care, she follows traditional ceramic methods, ensuring each step is meticulous.

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Ceramic handcrafted oil and vinegar cruets Ceramic handcrafted oil and vinegar cruets
Studio Delta PotteryAtollo Oil & Vinegar cruets - Set of 2
Sale price€80,00 EUR
Ceramic handcrafted oil and vinegar  pinzimonio cruets Ceramic handcrafted oil and vinegar  pinzimonio cruets
Studio Delta PotteryAtollo Pinzimonio Set
Sale price€130,00 EUR
Ceramic handcrafted salt and pepper cruets Ceramic handcrafted salt and pepper cruets
Ceramic handmade Talea Vase Ceramic handmade Talea Vase
Studio Delta PotteryTalea Vase
Sale price€50,00 EUR
Atollo Aperitivo Set Atollo Aperitivo Set - Ceramic plate set
Studio Delta PotteryAtollo Aperitivo Set
Sale price€118,00 EUR
Cachepot Sardinia Cachepot Sardinia
Studio Delta PotteryCachepot Sardinia
Sale priceFrom €70,00 EUR

You might wonder...

I offer the possibility of customization, but it's important to me not to completely change my product. Therefore, I provide a variety of combinations of clays and glazes to choose from. I don't apply decorations or illustrations to my pieces.


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