Sandra Llusà

Sandra Llusà

Barcelona, Spain

Sandra lives and works in Barcelona. Her work focuses on delicate forms inspired by nature and simplicity. She studied Art and Design at Escola Massana, specializing in Sculpture. Her second degree is in Artistic Jewellery. She took specialized courses in different techniques and has participated in various national and international exhibitions since 2012.

“My work makes me happy through the beauty of the materials, the careful making process and the challenge of capturing the beauty in a world that passes fast without us noticing.”

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Capture the silence

Sandra carefully collects objects from nature such as these cones and seeds which she then casts in bronze in order to capture the unique beauty of the piece as well as the moment it was discovered in time.

Natural an precious material

Each piece is made using real objects from nature. They are cast using bronze and silver. The sin collection is made with silver (also oxidized) and gold.

Life is in details

Sandra's hope is that each piece captures a fleeting moment, in turn making these instances eternal. She lives the same way she makes her jewelry. She enjoys moving through the world with care, taking note of the little things and taking time to enjoy them, loving the details, the little things that are there waiting to be discovered that tend to go unnoticed.

You might wonder...

How best to care for Sandra Llusà jewellery?

Don’t clean the jewels with any abrasive products, but use only soap water.