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Raquel Poço

Raquel Poço Jewellery

Lisbon, Portugal

“I hope you will use and love my jewels as much as I enjoyed making them.”

Raquel is the face and soul behind the Raquel Poço Jewellery brand. She has a background in physiotherapy and authentic pilates. In 2017 she found her passion that dictated a new direction in her life: the art of being able to create her own jewellery. She took a course as a hobby, but soon started to dedicate herself entirely to the craft.

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Value in the details

Control of motion

Raquel Poço, who previously trained in physiotherapy and authentic pilates, combines her knowledge of anatomy and movement with her creative skills in jewellery making to produce unique pieces.

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Barreira ring Barreira ring
Raquel PoçoBarreira ring
Sale priceFrom €90,00 EUR
Barroso ring Barroso ring Raquel Poco
Raquel PoçoBarroso ring
Sale priceFrom €90,00 EUR
Mendes earrings Mendes earrings Raquel Poco
Raquel PoçoMendes earrings
Sale priceFrom €75,00 EUR
Pires ring Pires ring
Raquel PoçoPires ring
Sale priceFrom €95,00 EUR
Ao Luar earrings Ao Luar earrings
Raquel PoçoAo Luar earrings
Sale priceFrom €200,00 EUR
Lamas earrings Lamas earrings
Raquel PoçoLamas earrings
Sale priceFrom €205,00 EUR

You might wonder...

The durability of the plated should last a very long time. but still it depends on the care given to the piece.

Raquel Poço Jewellery takes the environment into account. The silver used in the pieces is reused. The packaging of the orders does not contain plastic and utilize reused cardboard.

The collection is made to pay homage to a part of the feminist movement in Portugal – referring to the writers of As Novas Cartas Portuguesas of 1972, Maria Velho da Costa, Maria Teresa Horta and Maria Isabel Barreno – and to a personal part of the life of Raquel Poço – Maria is the name of her grandmother, mother and daughter. Thus, each of the pieces is named after the nickname of the different Marias who contributed to a structural change in Portugal.


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