Lisbon, Portugal

Anna and Yasmin are Italian and Brazilian young women passionate about sustainability. They love challenges and try to make anything a little more fun. R-Coat uses the fabric of broken umbrellas, a non-recyclable material, to create beautiful garments. They are inspired by the fun vibes and colors of their home countries, Italy and Brazil, and by the functionality of the northern design. For them, the future of fashion is circular. The biggest luxury will be contributing to a greener and more sustainable world through what we wear.

"With innovation and creativity, trash doesn't exist."

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The uniqueness of artisanal products is found in their story - discover it!

Community united to reduce waste

R-Coat is a community-based brand that transforms broken umbrellas, a non-recyclable material, into sustainable fashion. They have 30+ broken umbrella collection points across Portugal and Italy where the community can drop it off helping them and also decreasing their footprint.


With upcycling, R-Coat transforms this non-recyclable material into high fashion, proving that with creativity and innovation, trash doesn't exist.

You might wonder...

How does the production of R-Coat products work?

R-Coat has a small scale and handmade production. The broken umbrellas come from one of our many collection points and their fabric is prepared (cut, washed and ironed) by the team members in Lisbon, where quality control and shipping also take place. The deadstock fabric for the lining comes from the Portuguese textile factory Tetribérica and the sewing is done in a small atelier outside of Lisbon by a team of 5 seamstresses.

How to care for R-Coat products?

To make your R-Coat product last as long as possible and preserve its beauty, we recommend a cold wash (30º) and not bleach, tumble dry or dry clean.

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