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“Medicine, law, business, engineering... These are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love... These are what we stay alive for”

Daria Nanava, an artisan with a rich background in theater production. Over the span of seven years in the theater industry, she has delved into various roles, encompassing artistic and directorial domains, exposing herself to a diverse array of art forms. Theater, a synthesis of independent disciplines like dramaturgy, music, and painting, holds a special place in her heart.

Guided by the principles of theatrical art, Daria endeavors to craft novel creations by harmonizing seemingly disparate elements: the fusion of architecture and fiber art, the marriage of art history theory with its tangible embodiment in everyday life. Beyond her prowess in object design, she wears the hats of an interior designer and a restorer.

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Value in the details

A Journey of Inspiration and Artistry

She begins her process by drawing inspiration from a symbol or object in the history of visual art. After sketching designs to ensure the carpet seamlessly integrates into the intended interior, achieving harmony and independence from the found object, she carefully selects the yarn, base fabric, and frame, each contributing to the unique and captivating nature of her work.

The next phase involves transferring the sketch onto the base fabric using various tufting techniques, such as a tufting gun for larger areas and a tufting needle for intricate details. After completing the work, meticulous trimming and manual detailing eliminate imperfections. One of the final stages includes removing the carpet from the frame and hand-embroidering the back surface with cotton fabric featuring the brand name. Voilà! The carpet is now ready for prompt delivery to its recipient.

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Yves Klein Carpet Azulejo Medieval Carpet - NANAVA Carpets
NANAVA CarpetsYves Klein Carpet
Sale price€416,00 EUR
Azulejo Medieval Carpet Azulejo Medieval Carpet - NANAVA Carpets
NANAVA CarpetsAzulejo Medieval Carpet
Sale price€416,00 EUR
Taurus Mirror Taurus Mirror
NANAVA CarpetsTaurus Mirror
Sale price€520,00 EUR
Azulejo Blue Carpet Azulejo Blue Carpet - NANAVA Carpets
NANAVA CarpetsAzulejo Blue Carpet
Sale price€416,00 EUR
Antic Carpet Panel Antic Carpet Panel - NANAVA Carpets
NANAVA CarpetsAntic Carpet Panel
Sale price€520,00 EUR

You might wonder...

I do, in case of special request do reach out to TA-DAAN in chat or via e-mail and we'll let you know if we can meet your needs.

We use high-quality natural materials, such as Portuguese wool and 100% natural undyed cotton.

Typically, we complete a custom-made carpet within 2 weeks.


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