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Marta Benet

Mantova, Italy

“I can leave part of myself in what I do, that moment is immortalized and remains there forever"

Marta Benet is a Spanish-born designer and architect based in Italy. After graduating in Architecture at the Polytechnic of Valencia and specializing in Fashion Design, she moved to Milan. In 2015 she resume contact with ceramics.

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Value in the details

Slab building technique

Marta uses this kind of technique in the same way that the clothes are made. She works with flat patterns and then she models ceramics in 3D.

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Milano Espresso Cup Milano Espresso Cup
Marta BenetMilano Espresso Cup
Sale priceFrom €40,00
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Milano Cappuccino Cup Milano Cappuccino Cup
Marta BenetMilano Cappuccino Cup
Sale priceFrom €36,00
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Milano Mug Milano Mug Blue
Marta BenetMilano Mug
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Milano Milk Jar Milano Milk Jar
Marta BenetMilano Milk Jar
Sale price€50,00
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Milano Espresso Cup and Milk Jar - Set of 4 Milano Espresso Cup and Milk Jar - Set of 4
Marta BenetMilano Espresso Cup and Milk Jar - Set of 4
Sale price€188,00

You might wonder...

Of course! These pieces are made with resistant and durable materials and can be used with both cool and hot beverages.

These pieces are strong and suitable for microwaves and dishwashers, however, to make them last longer handwashing is recommended.

As the names suggest, you can choose the right product for you according to your addiction: if you love espresso go straight with the Milano espresso cup and saucer set. If you instead are a tea or cappuccino lover you definitely have to choose for Milano mug. The Milk Jar is perfect if you seek convivial breakfasts or lunches (ideal also as a water pitcher.


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