Les Izmoor

Les Izmoor

Milan, Italy

Les Izmoor creates only one garment per season: versatile pieces designed with care that can be worn in different ways according to your mood, and adapt to different body sizes.

Les Izmoor supports local Italian craftsmanship: our manufacturing is located less tan 60km from our office in Milan. Ensuring a low footprint and good relationships with artisans is our priority.

Les Izmoor produces on demand: overproduction and overconsumption are the biggest environmental threats in the fashion industry. We want to change that.

“Let’s move into a more conscious direction together.”

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Less, but better

Les Izmoor (pronounced Less Is More) stands for the idea of producing less but in a more thoughtful way.
Our mission is to create value by proposing mindful garments through a made-to-order model that reduces waste.
This system supports our conviction that smart women should be provided with a way to consume more responsibly and access quality pieces at a fair price. It also backs our belief that close attention should be given to every product created, and that fashion should be anything but disposable.

One item at one time

We design with intention, not to fill a collection.
All our pieces are conceived with quality and versatility as a priority to fit the lifestyle of the modern woman on the move.
By focusing on one item at a time, we are allowing more reflexion into the creative process to provide our community with garments of elevated design and function.
The result is a well considered product you will be able to wear over and over again.

Local and mindful

In a world of heritage and tradition, we are so glad to have found open-minded partners willing to bet on our agile model.
By merging together innovation and Italian craftsmanship, we are ensuring a responsible onshore manufacturing of the highest quality, supporting local players and reducing CO2 emissions (with our factory located at less than 60kms from our warehouse in Milan).
All our fabrics are sourced in Italy as well. Our sourcing is always defined mindfully: we mostly use certified sustainable materials and deadstocks to reduce waste.

A chat with the founder of Les Izmoor

We had a talk with Inès about fashion and sustainability. Read about what she thinks, and consider doing more with less.

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You might wonder...

Can I use tumble dryer?

No. Do not place in the tumble dryer and do not hang on the clothesline, as this may stretch the fabric and pull it out of shape.

How can I match Les Izmoor products?

You will never be worried about that! All the products from Les Izmoor are versatile and wearable.

How best to care for Les Izmoor products?

Hand-washing is advised. If it has been hand washed you might want to roll it in a dry towel to soak up the excess water before.