Florence, Italy

Lalleri is an Italian brand that creates handmade products for sexual wellbeing.
Using high quality materials and the art of glass working.

Lalleri philosophy is to invest in an Italian industry which promotes materials and workmanship which distinguish it from something mass-produced.

The idea behind Lalleri products is to harmonise people’s relationships so that they experience  sexuality as something natural, not something tabu.

“ Creativity is a pleasure."

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The uniqueness of artisanal products is found in their story - discover it!

Olé is not fragile!

The hollow glass is 4-7mm thick, the thickness of a bottle of champaign. Very resistant glass!

Pleasure knows no gender

These products can be used by all genders, regardless of sexual preferences: for everyone and everything, we believe in creativity.
Each piece is unique because they are made by hand. little irregularities and imperfections distinguish them form standardised industrial products.

Nothing to hide

Don't hide it in a drawer!
Sexuality shouldn’t be kept secret but should be an integral part of life. Olé’s small, discreet form fits perfectly into the domestic environment without causing embarrassment. It can be used as a glass vase thanks to the brass base that comes with it.

You might wonder...

Why is Olé hollow glass?

Sex toys made from solid glass are very heavy. hollow glass, if it is thick enough, is safe and easier to handle. Like this is lightweight and reaches room temperature easily and quickly. The empty cavity lends itself to all sorts of alternative uses. You can put any sort of liquids inside

Can I put it in a dishwasher?

Of course. You can wash it in the same way as any other glass kitchen utensil!

Why glass? Is glass safe?

Glass is Safe, hygienic, hypoallergenic. Pyrex is a very pure type of glass, suitable for internal use. It’s perfectly smooth surface is pleasant to touch and completely hygienic (food safe, you can drink from it).
Olé is 4-7mm thick, same thickness of a bottle of champaign: is therefore very strong, but not completely indestructible, so don't smash it on the floor.

Is Olé sustainable?

Borosilicate glass is a sustainable material, 100% recyclable and unlike other types of glass it doesn’t contain lead.