Lalam Morocco

Lalam Morocco

Berlin, Germany

Lalam brings Moroccan culture to you.
Indeed, the goal is to make unique pieces from Morocco accessible to a community that welcomes diverse taste whilst also embracing their cultural context.

Morocco’s rich cultural identity was influence by post colonial ideologies that are still practised today and inspired the development of a variety of exceptional goods that are sold in the Souks.

Souks are the traditional marketplaces of Morocco’s cities, which carry a sheer wealth of energy under austere brick archways and high pink walls. Amongst the winding alleys, you get lost on your own adventure, all the while capturing memories of a sensory overload.
Actually, it is a place that can never quite be explained until visited.


"I want my audience to remotely experience the exceptional taste and handcraft of the souk. I remain dedicated to learning from these exchanges, so Lalam can be a bridge not only between cultures - but also between mentalities."

Discover more about Lalam Morocco

The uniqueness of artisanal products is found in their story - discover it!

Each Souk store has their own tailors

Most products from moroccan crafts are handmade items, which often use traditional tools that add authenticity and uniqueness to the creations.
Moroccan embroidery has seven recognized styles names after the towns where they evolved.
Each style has its own lexicon of designs and motifs with its own distinct colors, stiches and techniques.

The tailors of Lalam work with plait stich with details in back, cross and running stitch. Some stiches use more than one, usually dark, color like black, dark blue or deep red. Designs include geometric friezes, bands of figures, and geometric shapes like diamonds, hexagons, squares and stars.

Natural colours only

Fabric is sourced all around Morocco. Mainly in Agadir, Casablanca and Fes. Once the different kinds of Fabric are sourced, they are died with natural colours and brought to the production which lies around 30 min outside of Marrakesh. All textiles are died in natural dye to create fabulous colours with minimal impact on the natural environment. Therefore these textiles not only carry eco-friendly properties but also have special tones and effects as well as the rich craft heritage they carry along. These techniques for dyeing with plants, minerals and insects have long been perfected by our ancestors.

Lalam Morocco

Supporting the rich culture of Morocco

The Souks vendors have suffered during the Pandemic, and therefore Lalam is dedicated to keeping independent Souk stores thriving by establishing agreements to give a fair amount of profit back to shop owners so they can continue to flourish, design and produce exclusive pieces in the future.

The pieces of Lalam carry a story and can help express your bodacious taste while supporting the rich culture of Morocco.

You might wonder...

How close do you work with the Souk stores?

As close as it gets ☺️
Transparency is actually the keyword!
We speak to the makers and artists behind each jacket almost everyday and interact with their daily Medina life on every level.
We follow them through the entire design, production and shipping process and make sure that each jacket carries its extra part of Morocco's culture in it.
We appreciate and love their families and their stores and we assure them a fair pay.

How do I wear my bodacious Lalam?

We guarantee you, you will shine wherever you will go with your Lalam. ✨

We love to wear it during the day with baggie jeans and a crop top and just through over our Lalam to spice up a casual look.

Otherwise wear it to a sexy short dress with boots or high heels to make everything look a little more extra but still contain the casual coolness factor.

We believe Lalam can be worn with everything.

What do the embroidered symbols mean?

The symboles embroidered on the Jackets stem from the old Moroccan Berber (inhabitants of North Africa); they've used the same embroidery symbols for the past 100 years.
The Berber symbols, designs, motifs and tattoos originated from pre- islamic beliefs influenced later by islamic geometric patterns and ornamentations.

⚓️ The once embroidered on the jackets are a mix of various symbols. Part of it reminds of an anchor which expresses:
- solidity
- continuity
- faithfulness
- balance
- lucidity

How to best take care of a Moroccan Velvet jacket?

All Lalam's pieces are best dry cleaned, though if needed we would suggest you wash them by hand.

- Soak your product for ten minutes in cold water using a detergent for delicate clothes or shampoo.
- Squeeze out the excess water, but do not rub or wring.
- Hang in the shade to dry and steam gently.

In case you own a Lalam velvet coat, steaming is your best friend.
It is not only brilliant in removing stains; it is also useful in reducing fabric compression.
If you have a steamer at home, you can steam out the cloth's creases. Otherwise, you can use the steam setting on your iron to do this treatment. Remember to use the low heat setting to prevent damaging your velvet fabric. Also, moving in the opposite directions of the pile releases the wrinkles.

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