La Terre

La Terre

Paris, France

La Terre, in french has different meanings. One of them is referring to the earth, as the mud, the soil and the clay. Through handcrafted ceramics, La Terre intends to represent the infinite possibilities of expression of this material. Discover here some pieces of la Terre first collection of vases, very much inspired by the architectural landscape of South of France.

“ Come take a walk on la Côte D'Azur! ”

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Handcrafted ceramics

All vases included in La Terre collection are made by hand coiling techniques. This method was adopted to allow a wide variety of geometrical shapes and forms, demonstrating the plasticity of clay.

Tribute to earthenware

La Terre collection is soaked with the region of South of France, earthenware as a main material came as a natural choice. "Faïence" as it is called in France, goes a long way back in terms of use through all the riviera.

Colours of Nice

One thing you can expect from La Terre vases are delicate, yet warm colors. Each vase was drawn to represent a place of the city of Nice or its surroundings. With the intention to bring a little color and warmth into your interiors, whatever the season.

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