Hasselt, Belgium

Kuyckxmeers is a Belgian design studio founded by Anouck Kuyckx (1990) and Thomas Meers (1991). Due to their architectural background, they are inspired by materials, functionality and geometric shapes.

Responsible use of materials is their main purpose. The duo does this by reducing objects to the essence and by using a zero waste design process. This results in a series of minimalistic zero waste design objects (handbags - vases - furniture). All products are handmade in Belgium.


" We don’t always need to reinvent. We need to use what is already there in a more conscious way."

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Form follows function

An important inspiration for our handbags is the principle of "Form Follows Function", as it was developed in Modernism. It is based on abstraction, which is created by clean lines and geometric shapes in which functionality plays the main role. This principle, combined with responsible and efficient use of materials is barely our design.

The leather they choose

Since no material that is currently on the market has the qualities of leather, we searched for a way to use this material in the most efficient and environmentally friendly way. Therefore, we opted for the use of vegetable tanned leather where no chemicals are used for the tanning and coloring process. Moreover the material is biodegradable, but also firmer and stronger than other types of leather, which means it can last longer.

The pleating technique

The pleating technique is not only applied for aesthetic reasons, but also to keep the material as intact as possible and to create space. By pleating the two-dimensional material, it can be transformed into a three-dimensional, functional shape. A sheet of organic leather is completely used without residual material. First, the pattern is drawn on the leather sheet. After this, the handbag is pleated and sewn by hand.

You might wonder...

How can I better take care of a leather bag?

First of all, leather is a natural material that naturally changes a bit with use. Expect your natural leather bag to change slightly color with years, but this is part of its beauty. All this being said, we recommend keeping your bag in a dust bag when not in use and to use a leather protector once in a while.

What Zero Waste bag shall I choose? How big are they? What can I fit inside?

If you like to travel light bringing just the bare necessities you can opt for the Wallet L or Fanny pack. The first is quite think as well so you will be able to carry around your cards, money and keys. The Fanny pack instead has more space and it's divided in 3 sections. Ideal to fit your phone, keys, tissues and a small wallet/ card holder.
The Knapsack bag, the circle bag and the Z.W. Handbag have a big compartment to bring around also an umbrella, a waterbottle a scarf...for those who always want to be ready! Just in case...opt for bigger bags! 😎

How exactly can you make a Zero Waste bag?

First of all the material used by Anouck and Thomas is treated with maximum attention and respect. The design and production process of a handbag can waste much less if made with intention. They use the pleating technique and cut out the minimum necessary. By keeping the material as intact as possible, leather can be easily disassembled and reused after its life cycle.
They don't add anything that can't be recycled. No metal buttons, no plastic.
This is good design!