Giulia Tamburini

Giulia Tamburini

Milan, Italy

Giulia graduated in literature before discovering a passion for goldsmithing, which led her to specialise at the school of goldsmithing in Florence and then at Anaconda jewellery in Milan.

In 2010 she launched a brand under her own name, which she enriches every year with new collections.

From the abysses to the forests, passing through the Florentine goldsmith's tradition, Giulia Tamburini's jewels narrate tiny stories born between the craftsman's hands and continue with those who will wear them.

Each piece of jewellery is made entirely by hand in the atelier workshop in Milan.

“ Each piece of handmade jewellery has its own story. It is a unique living object ready to create a personal relationship with the wearer ”

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The uniqueness of artisanal products is found in their story - discover it!

Tools of every shape

Drills and milling cutters of all shapes, iron burins, files and hacksaws are used in Giulia Tamburini's goldsmith's workshop.

Ancient techniques

Each piece of jewellery is conceived, designed and made entirely by hand, respecting the ancient techniques of Florentine goldsmithing, with particular attention to the quality and sustainability of the materials used.

Ta-Daan Artisan Techniques

More than jewels

Giulia's jewels have a unique story and inspiration. They are memories, symbols, talismans of good fortune.

A chat with the founder of Giulia Tamburini

Jewelry making is an art, Giulia Tamburini knows it well.
Soon after discovering her passion for goldsmithing, she run to the school of goldsmiths in Florence and then kept learning working at the Anaconda jewelry store in Milan.
In 2010 she launched her own brand. Since 2020, her brother Francesco is helping in the business.

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You might wonder...

Why Giulia Tamburini product is a perfect choice for present?

Her products are very special and exquisite jewelry for presents. What's more, for most of her products a beautiful postcard is included in the product! It works perfectly as greeting card!

How best to care for Giulia Tamburini products?

You can gently wipe the piece clean using a cotton cloth. In case of oxidation, silver jewelry can be easily cleaned with any product suitable for silver

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