Giorgio Piva

Giorgio Piva

Giorgio Piva

Monza, Italy

Bringing earth to your home

With a bachelor's degree in product design in hand, Giorgio Piva embarked on a transformative journey into the world of pottery. With unwavering determination, Giorgio mastered the delicate arts of wheel throwing and hand building techniques, culminating in a year-long tenure as a potter at Officine Saffi Lab in Milan starting October 2021. During this pivotal chapter, Giorgio not only generously shared his expertise by teaching courses but also lent his creative touch to fashion brands, sculpting monumental pieces and crafting functional wonders.

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Value in the details

Craftsmanship in every detail

Giorgio Piva's pieces come to life on the potter's wheel, using stoneware or porcelain chosen for their distinct characteristics. The wheel ensures precision while preserving a touch of imperfection that adds authenticity. Handcrafted glazes, meticulously prepared in the studio, imbue each object with a genuine artisanal quality. Occasionally, Giorgio employs the coil building technique to create more organic and sculptural shapes.

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