Flor Rubaja

Flor Rubaja

Florence, Italy

A life spent traveling Europe, surrounded by timeless design. Shaped by an Italian education with strong pillars in the history of art, she perceives life and her creations through this picturesque perspective. At the young age of fourteen, she began her creative path by dipping into jewelry making, visiting different goldsmith ateliers to explore the craft. It was during her first trip to Italy though, that Florencia truly defined her devotion to all art expressions.

She finalized her studies in Industrial Design at the University of Buenos Aires and then in 2017, after an inspiration/trend seeking trip to India and much preparation, she launched her first jewelry collection: Grey JW. Around the same time, she made the move to Italy permanent and is currently living in Florence where she prepares new pieces and nurtures her passion for photography, sculpture and design.


All of our pieces are handmade in our studio in Florence, Italy. You'll find in them the magic of the artisanal process in perfect harmony with the highest quality materials.

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Discover more about Flor Rubaja

The uniqueness of artisanal products is found in their story - discover it!

Timeless Keepsakes

To re-value the handmade product, made to last over time. It is not a piece for a season but for a lifetime...

True Silver

Our pieces are made of silver, which is an easy and soft material to work with, this gives the pieces a shine and a unique finish.

A Doting Start

Our work is done piece by piece and hand to hand from its beginning to its end. Because each piece is handcrafted, the process is much slower and individualized.

You might wonder...

What goes on in Flor's lab to create a piece?

Flor begins with the prototyping process which starts with a wax model. The wax model, is a replica of the final product. It is the positive of the final product where as a mold would be the negative, like in photography where tones are inverted. The wax gives the possibility to make pieces with a much more organic form.

Once it goes through the lost wax process, it arrives at the bench to be sanded down with files. As a final step, the finishing process is where we select a shine or coating depending on the finish you want to obtain.

What happens if I need a different size?

No problem! Send us the size you need and we will modify it for you.

Can there be differences between the product you receive and the images on the site?

Yes, but in a good way! There may be small variations in the final product since it is not a massive and industrial production but a handmade one.

Do the pieces cause allergies?

Not unless you are especially allergic to silver. Because our products are nickel free, there should be no reaction!