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Federica Massimi

Rome, Italy

“I want to create pieces that convey positive feelings and do not claim to be perfect but, on the contrary, amusingly imperfect.”

Federica is an Italian artist based in Rome. After graduating in communication, she embarked on a one-year experience travelling all over Australia by car, defining it as the best experience of her life. Australian farms also inspired her Fruit Collection.

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Value in the details

Hand drawing first

Federica realizes all her products individually. She starts with a preliminary sketch inspired by what's around her and her feelings.
Indeed, she finds the hand drawing a fundamental tool of reflection towards the project, necessary to focus each time on the composition, the shape and the colour.

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small pumpkin plate Pumpkin Plate
Federica MassimiPumpkin Plate
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pumpkin plate set of 6 Pumpkin Plate - Set of 6
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small kiwi plate Kiwi Small Plate - Set of 4
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Large kiwi plate Kiwi Large Plate
Federica MassimiKiwi Large Plate
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Large fig plate Fig Plate - large
Federica MassimiFig Large Plate
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small fig plate Fig Plates S - 4 pieces Set
Federica MassimiFig Small Plate - Set of 4
Sale price€178,00 EUR
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tutti frutti large plate Tutti Frutti Large Plate - Set of 4
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Large pomegranate plate Pomegranate Large Plate
Federica MassimiPomegranate Large Plate
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small pomegranate plate melograni plates
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Large grapefruit plate Grapefruit Large Plate
Federica MassimiGrapefruit Large Plate
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small grapefruit plate Large Kiwi plate 27 cm

You might wonder...

Absolutely! Although you can decide to use these plates just as decorative plates, they are absolutely suitable for containing food.
We recommend to hand wash only.


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