Etico Sartoria Marchigiana


Etico Sartoria Marchigiana

Ripe San Ginesio, ITALY

Earth to earth creations.

Marta Baldassarri hails from the Marche region and grew up with her tailor grandparents and aunt in their fabric scrap shop. Everything she wanted but couldn’t buy, she created with her imagination. Her background is in art, but she has had many work experiences in the fashion industry. From a young age, she could not tolerate certain work practices and, while observing to learn on one hand, on the other, she continuously took notes on how she believed certain things should be done. Her notes reveal the need to “Slow down,” produce less and better, and pay deep attention to the environment, workers, and collaboration.

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Value in the details

Ecoprint devotion

Marta selects vintage and deadstock natural fabrics, designs unique garments, and uses plant-based dyes gathered from the woods. Each piece is sewn, dyed, and printed with the Ecoprint technique in her studio, sustainable techniques that respect the environment.

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