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Genoa, Italy

Always BiMOR than just your bag

BiMOR is a brand based in Genoa founded by Bianca Morando, a young designer with a degree in communication who, thanks to her father, entrepreneur and owner of a chain of clothing stores, has become increasingly passionate about the world of fashion.

She decided to create her own brand during an experience in New York City where she had the chance to see the world and herself from a different, point of view: "I lived 3 months in a city full of 'someones', but still: I NEVER felt like 'nobody'. Because in New York more than anywhere else I realized that I was ONE out of more than eight billion. That city made me feel unique. Special. A feeling that I will never forget and that I try to convey with BiMOR in all the things we do."

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Value in the details

The ring-link technique

BiMOR's Playfinity bags are made in resin and the technique used is the ringlink: every piece is assembled by hand in Italy and presents colorful components linked to each other. The process of creating a bag starts with the production of the single components (entirely made with electrical machines) and takes around 2 months.

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Handmade resin red bag - BiMOR Italy Handmade resin bag - BiMOR Italy
BiMOR ItalyDoll Resin Handbag
Sale price€345,00 EUR
Handmade resin bucket bag - BiMOR Italy Handmade resin bucket bag - BiMOR Italy
BiMOR ItalyJar Resin Shoulderbag
Sale price€300,00 EUR
Handmade resin bag - BiMOR Italy Handmade resin bag - BiMOR Italy
Handmade resin blue bag - BiMOR Italy Handmade resin blue bag - BiMOR Italy

You might wonder...

No need! These bags are all very tiny so you won't really need an inner bag. Our advice is to keep it simple and organized.

Resin can be delicate, if a bag breaks BiMOR offers 1 year warranty and will provide assistance for any problem with the bag. If damaged, please reach out to TA-DAAN.


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