Azar Studio

Azar Studio

Barcelona, Spain

Italian born and Argentinian grown up. Fashion designer and Researcher graduated cum Laude from the University of Florence, Italy. After spending more than 10 years working in the fashion industry, decides to walk a new path, where creative passion and ethics don’t exclude one each other, but grow together instead.

She is the founder of Azar Studio, and the designer and producer behind her pieces.
She defines herself an endless migrant. Daughter, granddaughter and great grand-doughter of migrants, many times migrant herself, she believes in the trascendental power of beauty and ideas spreading through the world, contaminating each other and creating new realities.

“ 100% hand and love-made ”

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The uniqueness of artisanal products is found in their story - discover it!


She works on each piece manually, with no involvement of machinery or industrial techniques. Sara uses leather-braiding and macramé techniques and spend quite some time on each product, so the end results in an unique piece, entirely handcrafted with much love and attention to details.

Genuine leather

Each one of her products is handcrafted in genuine leather. She uses vegetable tanned cow leather strings, which contribute in making the bags particularly resistant and light, and to keep their shape when full. The leather tanning techniques are less polluting than chromium tanning and make our bags completely biodegradable.

Slow production

Sara chooses the rhythm of a slow production, entirely artisanal-based, with the aim of creating unique pieces, which convey the love they are made of. She believes that conscious consumption starts with conscious production. That is why she keeps very low stocks, while produce most of her bags on demand. This is how the entire process ends up generating less waste and there are no dead stocks to get rid of.

You might wonder...

Can I put these products in water?

No, please keep them away from water.

How best to care for Azar Studio products?

To maintain its beauty nourish with neutral moisturizing body cream.

Are all Azar Studio's products handmade?

Yes. Sara works on each piece manually, with no involvement of machinery or industrial techniques.