Amélie Gomet


Amélie Gomet

Brussels, BELGIUM

“Wear a piece of poetry”

Amélie is an artist and jewelry designer. She discovered jewelry and silversmithing at New York University in 2015, during a year of exchange at an art school. She moved to Brussels the following year where she continued her training in jewelry in silversmitthing and lost wax casting. At the same time, she obtained her Master's in Sculpture at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels.

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Value in the details

Crafting with the Lost Wax Technique

Amélie's pieces are made using the lost wax technique. She makes each piece by hand, then she assembles all the pieces made in the form of a jewelry tree. This tree is placed in a plaster mold which bakes overnight in the oven, the wax disappears and is said to be "lost". Leaving room for the metal which she pours into the mold the next morning.

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Click on me, cursor Brooch Click on me, cursor Brooch
Guilty Pleasure Brooch Guilty Pleasure Brooch
Amélie GometGuilty Pleasure Brooch
Sale price€55,00 EUR
"Someone is waiting for you" Ring "Someone is waiting for you" Ring
"I'd love to watch the clouds with you" Ring "I'd love to watch the clouds with you" Ring
Birthday Flower Ring Birthday Flower Ring
Amélie GometBirthday Flower Ring
Sale price€165,00 EUR
Tiny Cup Ring Tiny Cup Ring
Amélie GometTiny Cup Ring
Sale price€55,00 EUR
Hug Me Forever Ring Hug Me Forever Ring
Amélie GometHug Me Forever Ring
Sale price€165,00 EUR

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