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Best of Artigianato & Palazzo 2023

Vibrant Experiences | Discover the highlight of Artigianato&Palazzo in Florence, Tuscany


We are thrilled to share with you the five most memorable moments we experienced as media partners at the XXIX Edition of Artigianato & Palazzo, an event that year after year since 1995 transforms Corsini Garden in Florence into an enchanted world of craftsmanship and creativity.

1 TA-DAAN: discovering contemporary craftsmanship

Our participation with a stand was occasion to showcase a selection of about 15 artisans from our network, each bearing treasures that are 100% handmade, ranging from jewelry to ceramics. The visitor could touch and feel the passion of those who bring unique works to life.

TA-DAAN stand at ArtigianatoPalazzo

TA-DAAN products - ArtigianatoPalazzo

2 Show-crafting: see artisans doing a damn good job!

The entire exhibition had a focus on showcasing artisans at work, and we were proud participants with three of our artisans captivated the audience in three days. Flor Rubaja brought jewelry to life in front of the visitors, Gabriella personalized Vietri plates with a unique touch writing what people was asking to her, and Jules amazed with tufting and punch needle work. Real creativity in action!

Flor Rubaja at work ArtigianatoPalazzo

Flor Rubaja ArtigianatoPalazzo TA-DAAN jewels ArtigianatoPalazzo

3 "Material and Virtuosity" by Artex: focus on Tuscan creativity

The exhibition "Materia e Virtuosismo" by Artex and curated by Jean Blanchaert was an elegant exploration of the technical and creative skills of Tuscany. In the charming Limonaia, we admired objects that embody creative virtuosity in various materials and processing techniques, a true tribute to Tuscan craftsmanship.

Artex Artigianato&Palazzo Artex ArtigianatoPalazzo

4 Exclusive Workshops by LVMH Maisons: Treasures of Knowledge

Workshops led by master artisans from LVMH Maisons, including Dior, Louis Vuitton, and Thélios, were a unique opportunity to delve into the world of high fashion and luxury manufacturing. An unforgettable educational experience.

5 "Blog&Craft" Competition: Global Young Talents in the Spotlight

The Stables became the arena for the "Blog&Craft" competition, a showcase of young artisan talents from around the world. From the embroidery of Bianca Hodselle Sannolo to the jewelry of Atelier Objectora, from the tufting works of Yayolab to the adorable yoga-themed bombolines by Amalia di Tecco, we witnessed an incredible diversity of talents and cultures.

Bianca Hodselle ArtigianatoPalazzo TA-DAAN LeBomboline ArtigianatoPalazzo


vision and knowledge are needed if we are to ensure a future for our Arts and Crafts in the face of a world confronted by artificial intelligence.

Sabina Corsini - president of Giardino Corsini Association & Neri Torrigiani, organizer of the exhibition