Vanessa Saroni

Vanessa Saroni

Milan, Italy

Born and raised in Brazil, surrounded by fashion, colours and design.
Vanessa studied Fashion Management in Sao Paolo, Brazil where she discovered her fascination with textiles and innovative materials.
Vanessa grew up with an intrinsic interest for fashion and her love of bags and shoes runs in her DNA: Vanessa’s mother worked as a bag assembler, her uncle as a shoe pattern maker and her aunt as fashion designer. She remembers being fascinated by the vivid colour of her mum’s shoes, and this curiosity paved the way for her passion for design. Vanessa’s varied career has included working in a bank, art auctions, hospitality, account management and finance.
She thrives off adventure and reinvention but what has always brought her joy is art, design and fashion.

Vanessa Saroni aims to create exquisite timeless pieces using the best fabrics, artisans, and techniques in a way that honours creative heritage, generates sustainable opportunities for local development and supports female entrepreneurship.

“ Made by women for women

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The uniqueness of artisanal products is found in their story - discover it!

Linda Bag - Vies Silk Yellow

Beautiful handmade fabric

Each metre of this exquisite fabric takes a day for our artisans to produce.

Each thread, colour and weave of the bespoke fabric is exclusively produced for Vanessa Saroni using 100% cotton, silk and wool.

The poetic handweaving process

The handmade weaving process is poetic and the interlacing threads tell a story. Single threads are turned into beautiful pieces of art thanks to the talented hands and minds of weavers.

Hand-woven fabric with premium materials

Each thread, colour and weave of the bespoke fabric is exclusively produced for Vanessa Saroni using 100% cotton, silk and wool.

The power of community

When a woman’s skills and creativity are nurtured, this not only benefits that woman, but all the women in her community who are inspired and encouraged by what she has done.

If more women have the confidence and the opportunity to connect and contribute through meaningful work, our communities will be improved by increased diversity of ideas and products.

You might wonder...

Do both bags have a shoulder strap? How long is it?

Yes! Both Linda and Malu have an handle and a pactical shoulder strap inside. The shoulder strap is regulable 100 cm -120 cm

Why do you say "made by women for women"?

Vanessa truly believes in the importance of boosting and nurturing women’s talents!
She works with talented Brazilian crafts-women who, with their skills and knowledge of manual weaving techniques, generate income and livelihoods.

Vanessa says: "We work to release their potential and strengthen their communities by giving them autonomy and purpose in often challenging situations such as the scarcity of resources, and raising and educating children alone."