Ramos Ceramica


Ramos Ceramica


“Somedays I am the flower. Somedays I am the rain.”

The nutritionist turned stylist turned ceramist girl from sunny Lisbon, passionate about natural elements, irregularities, the colors of dried flowers, light, corners, plants, and, of course, women's bodies (maybe because of her professional background!).

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Value in the details

Imperfections in Clay

She loves touching clay, so she never rushes the sculpting part. She doesn't use slip casting. For her, it's all about the process of taking a ball of clay and turning it into something she imagined. It takes a lot of time, for sure, but that's what makes her work special. You will never end up with something perfect-looking, and it will always look different from all her other pieces. Clay pieces can be unique, just like people are.

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You might wonder...

Yes, they are. All pieces are fired at 1250ºC and they can most certainly handle the heat.

Stoneware pieces can go to the dishwasher. They will always look perfect.

Yes, they will. Because there are no casts in my atelier I create every single piece from a ball of clay. They will look different in height, in shape, in texture. That’s the beauty of it.


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