Marthe Cresson


Marthe Cresson

Marseille, France

"With glass, I can call upon experimentation and surprise. I am sensitive to the fact of losing control at a given moment, that the jewel takes shape for a moment by itself."

Marthe Cresson comes from the double culture of product design and jewelry design: after a training in product design she turned to jewelry design in Paris, then in Geneva. During her graduation, she discovered the technique of glass, which is now one of her main sources of inspiration.

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Value in the details

Different techniques combined

The jewels are made using techniques related to jewelry with metal shaping. Blown glass pieces are integrated into the collections. After having learned the techniques of glass blowing, Marthe Cresson now has her own workshop of "glass beads with a blowtorch" in order to apprehend and elaborate each piece of jewelry herself.

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Accord ring Accord ring
Marthe CressonAccord ring
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Seligny Necklace Seligny Necklace
Marthe CressonSeligny Necklace
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Herman Necklace Herman Necklace
Marthe CressonHerman Necklace
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Herman earrings Herman earrings
Marthe CressonHerman earrings
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Accord earrings III Accord earrings III
Marthe CressonAccord earrings III
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You might wonder...

The glass is annealed after being blown, so it is resistant. However, it is not unbreakable, so you have to be careful with your jewelry.

Vermeil is made of solid silver with an important layer of gold on top. The gold layer must be at least 5 microns thick, with a minimum of 18 karat gold. This is the best gold plating available.

Palladium is a grey precious metal that keeps its shine over time. It is affixed to silver to guarantee the color and brilliance of the jewel over time.


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