Elli Vivaldi


Elli Vivaldi

Milan, Italy

“Every piece is hand-made. All linings are uniquely different. Made in Italy. ”

Elena Vivaldi is a fashion designer with a passion for merging knitwear and accessories. Her latest project and collection, developed over the past year, is meant to transmit joy and freshness.

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Value in the details

No two bags are alike

Crafted with dedication, each Elli Bag is unique, from its crochet base and fringes to its hand-sewn internal lining. The process begins with the creation of a crochet base, which is then artfully embellished with delicate fringes.

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Elli Bag Cyclamen Elli Bag Cyclamen
Elli VivaldiElli Bag Cyclamen
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Elli Bag Cobalt Elli Bag Cobalt
Elli VivaldiElli Bag Cobalt
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Elli Bag Cocoa Elli Bag Cocoa
Elli VivaldiElli Bag Cocoa
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Elli Bag Pomegranate Elli Bag Pomegranate
Elli VivaldiElli Bag Pomegranate
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Elli Bag Mandarin Elli Bag Mandarin
Elli VivaldiElli Bag Mandarin
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Elli Bag Forest Elli Bag Forest
Elli VivaldiElli Bag Forest
Sale priceFrom €197,00 EUR
Elli Bag Mint Elli Bag Mint
Elli VivaldiElli Bag Mint
Sale priceFrom €197,00 EUR
Elli Bag Wisteria Elli Bag Wisteria
Elli VivaldiElli Bag Glycine
Sale priceFrom €197,00 EUR
Elli Bag Snow _Elli Vivaldi crochet bag Elli Bag Snow _Elli Vivaldi crochet bag
Elli VivaldiElli Bag Snow
Sale priceFrom €197,00 EUR

You might wonder...

Elli Bags are entirely lined with traditional Turkish silks. All bags have different linings, making them uniquely different from one-another. The closure is made with magnetic metal buttons (one in the small and the large, three in the maxi bag).

Elli Bag comes in three different sizes:
📱 Small bag to carry around the essentials: phone, cards, keys and lipstick
💄 Large bag can fit what is listed in the small bag, but also a medium wallet and sunglasses
📖 Maxi bag is suitable to carry all the above and even an agenda or a book and a 500ml water bottle!

You can see the sizes (in centimetres) in the additional information of every Elli Bag.

Three different yarns are used for the Elli Bag. Most of the colors are either made of 100% organic cotton or 100% wool. To obtain a soft fluffy texture, the cyclamen uses a polyamide and polyester yarn.


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