Elisa Ceramics

Elisa Ceramics

Como, Italy

Elisa started her ceramics business in London, where she lived for over 8 years. She has recently moved back to Italy as she expanded her family and became a trio.

Elisa is by nature a creative person, with a strong passion for handcrafts, particularly pottery. The moment she touched her first piece of clay, she fell in love with it.

Somewhere she read: "If you got passion in what you do, you will be successful".

“ Ready. Set. Pot. ”

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Discover more about Elisa Ceramics

The uniqueness of artisanal products is found in their story - discover it!

Hand painted one by one!

Elisa paints carefully every ceramic with patience, care and attention to details!


Every piece Elisa makes is hand-built. Hand building refers to the creation of clay pieces by only using hands and other small ceramic utensils: and so it takes more time, care and attention.


She uses stoneware clay, which after firing it, becomes the most resistant clay you can find in commerce. This makes it ideal for domestic ware and outdoor use such as vases and pots. Each piece Elisa makes is imperfectly different one from another: and this is why each of them is unique.

You might wonder...

Can I put Elisa Ceramics products in dishwasher or microwave?

Yes, both dishwasher and microwave safe, although hand-washing is recommended as it's gentler over time.

Why shall I pick a Elisa Ceramics product?

Don't hesitate if you want to add a fun touch to your kitchen!And each one of them is unique.

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