Madrid, Spain

“Simple, primitive designs, or lines that intuitively take shape around hands, fingers or neck, without previously being drawn on a paper.”

Deassín is the look, the hands and head of Lucía Ruiz de Assín. In 2013 she begins to make jewellery in her studio based in Madrid and creates the brand Deassín. Pieces of jewellery that pursue to transcend trends, become essential, valuable to the extent of reaffirming the user´s identity.

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Value in the details

Limited Edition Artistry

Original designs handmade at the designer's workshop in precious metals and natural stones. Production is made in collaboration with local workshops in limited numbered productions, that are restock depending on demand.

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Onda Earrings jewerly Deassin Onda Earrings jewerly Deassin
DeassínOnda Earrings
Sale priceFrom €145,00 EUR
Cabujón Cianea Earrings jewerly Deassin Cabujón Cianea Earrings jewerly Deassin
DeassínCabujón Cianea Earrings
Sale price€156,00 EUR
Cabujón Cianea Ring jewerly Deassin Cabujón Cianea Ring jewerly Deassin
DeassínCabujón Cianea Ring
Sale price€130,00 EUR
Doble Cala Earrings jewerly Deassin Doble Cala Earrings jewerly Deassin
DeassínDoble Cala Earrings
Sale priceFrom €135,00 EUR
Cianea Choker jewerly Deassin Cianea Choker jewerly Deassin
DeassínCianea Choker
Sale priceFrom €145,00 EUR
Cordón Choker jewerly Deassin Cordón Choker jewerly Deassin
DeassínCordón Choker
Sale priceFrom €298,00 EUR

You might wonder...

She designs and handcrafts each piece of jewellery in her personal workshop in Madrid, where she creates the main piece of each new design.

In his workshop, where he draws inspiration from the very process of creation, he plays with materials and tools through trials and mistakes. Nature and art are other great sources of inspiration.

Yes, she likes to realize the dreams or needs of her customers. Contact us on TA-DAAN through email or Instagram or leave as a message when making an order and we will see if we can help you turn your dreams into reality.


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