Bottari Seoul


Bottari Seoul

Barcelona, SPAIN

“Work smart, not hard.”

She is a handbag designer with 20 years of experience. She attended Instituto Marangoni in Milan to study her fashion accessories master and learn handbag making in Firenze as part of her work. Afterward, she relocated to Spain due to other work opportunities and decided to settle in Barcelona.

Barcelona serves as an inspiring city for her, filled with avant-garde people. She always harbored a desire to establish something of her own.

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Value in the details

Origami Leather Bag Crafting

Crafting an origami leather bag involves a meticulous process that harmonizes precision and artistry. It begins with laser cutting the selected leather, followed by a crucial hydration step to enhance pliability. The folding process is a delicate art, where the distinct layers and fibers of leather necessitate a gentle touch, differing significantly from paper origami. To complete the transformation, a shoulder strap and drawstring are expertly attached, marrying both form and function. This journey of craftsmanship spans 2-4 weeks of careful leather preparation, culminating in the efficient assembly of the bag in just one day. The unique fusion of paper origami principles with the challenges of working with leather brings forth a one-of-a-kind accessory that embodies creativity and conscious craftsmanship.

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