Bona Calvi Miniature

Bona Calvi Miniature

Milan, Italy

Bona was born in Milan, in 1989. After graduating from the Liceo Classico, her passion for drawing led her to enroll at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts.

Parallel to her academic studies, she had the opportunity to learn the first techniques of metal processing and conservation in the laboratory of Maestro Nello Paolucci.

In 2013 she attended the Ambrosian Goldsmith School in Milan. The techniques learned, including wax modeling, allowed her to begin creating micro-sculptures of all kinds.


“I like to make pieces that entertain the viewer”

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The magic of lost wax technique

Bona models a special wax using tiny tools. This technique is very ancient and allows the creation of micro sculptural pieces.
The wax is "lost" because it goes melted in the process.

A precision work

Reproducing natural shapes (animals and plants especially) requires a steady hand and a lot of dedication.
In Bona's jewels the level of details is incredible.


Bona uses mainly yellow bronze, a metal alloy that has an excellent corrosion resistance. The effect is incredibly bright and shiny.

You might wonder...

Can Bona Calvi Miniature products come in contact with water?

Yes, but avoid contact with salt water and water containing chlorine.

Who are Bona Calvi Miniature products best suited for?

People who like jewelry inspired by nature! In her works, you can find plants as well as lovely sea creatures.

How best to care for Bona Calvi Miniature products?

You can clean it with a jewelry cleaning solution.