Atelier AKKA

Atelier AKKA

Montpellier, France

Atelier AKKA is the contemporary jewelry brand created by the jewelry designer Toshiko Akahori.

Toshiko has been working as a jeweler for 17 years in France and abroad. She trained in two contemporary jewelry schools, in Paris (AFEDAP) and in Tokyo (Hiko Mizuno College of Jewelry) before starting her career as an artisan jeweler.

Inspired by nature for the curved lines, and by architecture for the graphic lines, her design is nourished by simple, pure and strong lines.

 Sculpting the space around the bodies to make the hearts vibrate 

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Toshiko uses the traditional metalsmith technique. Through her use of folding and superposition techniques, she creates vibrant, eye-catching, ethereal volumes by the lighting effects of emptiness and metal.

Precious materials

The materials Toshiko uses for the jewelry are sterling silver and gold-plated silver or gold-plated brass.

Timeless beauty

The whole of her design is nourished by simple, pure and strong lines giving them an intergenerational and timeless character.

You might wonder...

Can I clean them with detergents?

No, avoid contact with detergents, sharp or abrasive objects (risk of scratches).

What's the inspiration for Atelier AKKA products?

The inspirations are multiple and eclectic: nature, for its curved lines, beautiful architectures, for their graphics, and also craftsmanship. The whole of Atelier AKKA's design is nourished by simple, clean and strong lines giving them an intergenerational character, even timeless.

For cleaning jewellery use a soft cloth to eliminate any chemical or sweat residue; once in a while, clean items with soapy water and a soft brush or soft cloth and wipe immediately after.

How best to care for Atelier AKKA products?

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