Ana Marta Cerâmica


Ana Marta Cerâmica

Lisboa, Portugal

“Style is inspired by the feminine universe and Nature.”

Ana Marta is a portuguese ceramicist and sculptress. It was during her sculpture degree at FBAUL that she discovered her passion for ceramics and in 2011 she started to work in her own studio.

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Value in the details

Emphasizing handcrafting

Her pieces are handbuilt and they emphasize the visual properties of the clays she uses.

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Mulher Objeto Mug Mulher Objeto Mug
Ana Marta CerâmicaMulher Objeto Mug
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Mulher Objeto Espresso cup Mulher Objeto Espresso cup
Mulher Objeto Vase with plate Mulher Objeto Vase with plate
Mulher Objeto Small vase Mulher Objeto Small vase

You might wonder...

It's not paint, it's real gold lustre and it's a third firing decoration technic.

Yes, but be careful not to burn yourself when you touch the ceramics because this was made with earthenware so there may be water particles in the ceramic that also heat.

Yes, but we recommend hand washing with a soft sponge because gold can start to fade with machine washing.


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