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Almace is an Italian knitwear brand, entirely Made in Italy, with one-of-a-kind pieces.
Almace is a young brand, born in June 2020 post lockdown, but in a couple of years has achieved many milestones, such as being featured in magazines such as Vanity Fair, ELLE, Cosmopolitan, AD Italia and many others.
Almace is a set of collectibles: unique and colorful pieces that allow us to look to the future without forgetting the traditionality of the past.

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Value in the details

Traditional crochet with a modern approach

Almace item is handmade in Italy, starting from the traditional process of crochet or knitwear, with a modern approach. The time of creation depends on the item, it can be from 15 minutes until more than 200/300 hours for an item, and they are special and unique.

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Granny Placemat Granny Placemat
AlmaceGranny Placemat
Sale priceFrom €68,00 EUR
Flower Napkin Holder MIX Flower Napkin Holder MIX
AlmaceFlower Napkin Holder MIX
Sale price€80,00 EUR
Crochet napkin holder - Almace Flower Napkin Holder
AlmaceFlower Napkin Holder
Sale priceFrom €26,00 EUR
Strawberry Placemat Strawberry Placemat
AlmaceStrawberry Placemat
Sale priceFrom €36,00 EUR
Granny square hanger - Almace Granny square hanger - Almace
AlmaceGranny Hanger
Sale price€36,00 EUR
Handmade crochet coaster - Almace Granny Coaster
AlmaceGranny Coaster
Sale priceFrom €24,00 EUR


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