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Annagiulia Giannetti

AGG's Studio

Piacenza, ITALY

Craftsmanship is the BASE

Welcome to AGG's Studio, a creative workshop founded in 2021 with a bold mission: to breathe new life into fashion industry waste materials by creating unique, handcrafted pieces.
Founded by Annagiulia Giannetti, AGG's Studio embodies an innovative and sustainable vision. AGG's Studio stands out for its deep dedication to craftsmanship and creativity, along with a mission to rediscover and preserve ancient artisanal techniques.

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Value in the details

Merging basketry and macrame

AGG's Studio specializes in merging basketry and macramé techniques to breathe new life into the reclaimed material. This fusion of traditional craftsmanship with contemporary innovation results in striking patterns and structures, each highlighting the unique qualities of the salvaged leather.

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