Triumph Wildehouse

Celebrating Individual expression at Triumph creative arena

TA-DAAN x Triumph partners for the launch event of their capsule collection realized in collaboration with WILDEHOUSE during Milan Design Week 2023.
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If creativity is the mother of creation, just try to imagine what happens when 5 different creative minds work together!

There will be no need for a large and intense stretch of your imagination: let us show you what it would look like!

TA-DAAN collaborated with Triumph, one of the most important – and inclusive – international lingerie brands, for the launch event of their capsule collection realized in collaboration with WILDEHOUSE during Milan Design Week 2023, supporting artisans… and most importantly, young FEMALE artisans!



Put together an explosive personality and brilliant illustration skills: this is Kerry Tighe, the designer behind WILDEHOUSE.

Kerry and Triumph joined forces to give birth to a collection that encourages inclusivity and celebrates individuality through colorful, uplifting and energetic designs and creations.

Triumph Wildehouse

The creative arena of Milan Design Week 2023

Why support one female creative when you can support five of them?

For the launch event of Triumph x WILDEHOUSE capsule collection, Triumph gave life to a real creative arena in their Milan flagship store in Piazza Cordusio, where 4 different small and independent young-female led brands had the chance to show their own personal way of representing the world, through their own approach, style and technique.

Why? To keep on celebrating the plurality of styles and the diversities of the feminine world!

Discover how the magic happened!


An international designer

All the way from England, WILDEHOUSE was present in the store giving life to her fun and colorful illustrations in front of everyone’s eyes! At the end of the night, the originally plain white canva was full of vibrant sketches of the iconic eye, featured in different pieces of Triumph x Wildehouse collection. The artist was capable of making everyone stopping by feel an integral part of the event, personalizing a versatile tote bag with their characterizing traits, in her unique and unmistakable style!

Kerry Tighe Wildehouse Designer_Triumph Kerry Tighe Wildehouse Designer_Triumph

A weaver

Are you familiar with the weaving technique? The mesmerizing textile art in which two distinct sets of yarns or threads are interlaced with each other to form a fabric or cloth? Ilary Bottini, weaver and textile designer from Turin and talented artisan from the TA-DAAN network, reinterpreted LIVE Wildehouse designs at the loom! A perfect synergy between the two artists was created, and everyone had the chance to come and try to weave! From children to the elderly, all passers-by were impressed by her incredible show-crafting performance!

Triumph_Wildehouse_Ilary Bottini Triumph_Wildehouse_Ilary Bottini

And the tufters

Bold, confident, unfiltered, versatile or unique: how do you feel today? With an energetic – and perfectly instagrammable – background, visitors could answer this question using the beautifully tufted props hand-crafted by Spaghetti Rugs. Stefania and Angelica are two young sisters from Bari crafting rugs with 100% Italian taste! With such good-looking designs, everyone took the opportunity to stop by, unhang them, strike a pose… and take a picture!

Cesarina – better known as Guiraguava – was also involved, turning another design from Triumph x WILDEHOUSE capsule collection into a rug. How wonderful is this one?

Triumph Creative Arena _ Guira Guava Tufted Rug Triumph Creative Arena - Guira Guava - Tufter

We are happy to have teamed up with Triumph in promoting young talents, female confidence and individual expression.

Cheers to creativity and to all the artisans devoting themselves to a damn good work!


There is a true symbiosis in the Triumph x WILDEHOUSE collaboration as our brands have so many shared values. We worked together closely to produce a range that injects energy and colour into the summer season and that is universally flattering for women of all shapes and sizes while being conscious of the environment

Kerry Tighe – Wildehouse Designer