Best of Homo Faber 2022

Best of Homo Faber 2022

Fair | Tips for planning your visit to the biggest event dedicated to contemporary craftsmanship.
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The second edition of Homo Faber has officially started!
We had the pleasure to get there for the opening and in this article you will find our personal review and practical guide to better plan and enjoy your visit.

Practical information

– Opening days: 10 April – 1st May
– Opening hours: 10 am – 7 pm
– Location: Giorgio Cini Foundation in the Island Magee, Venice
– Visitors must be in compliance with the Italian laws concerning the regulation of the Covid-19 (FFP2 mask in closed space and green pass)

Homo-faber-2022 Homo-faber-2022

How long does it take to visit?

You can consider a 1 day or 2 days visit.
If you are planning your trip to Homo Faber, you probably need to know how long it takes to visit to better organize your stay in Venice. If your question is: “Can I make it in a one-day-trip?” The answer is yes! Homo Faber can be visited in a full morning/ afternoon.
However, if you want to take it slow, enjoy the foundation gardens, the special tea room designed by Tapiwa Matsinde, participate in a workshop, in a conference and ask many questions to the artisans and ambassadors you need to consider a full day visit or maybe even split the visit in two days.

Tip: We have a list of top 5 exhibitions you can start from. If you are short on time start your visit from these.

How can I get there?

Venice is a unique city where Google maps doesn’t work properly.
That being said, getting to Homo Faber isn’t difficult. You will have to get on a ferry. With Homo Faber ticket you can take advantage of the special transfers from San Marco or San Zaccaria to Giorgio Cini Foundation. Otherwise you can take the “vaporetto” nr 2 from Piazza Roma.
Learn more here

Tip💡: Enjoy the ride! The view is great and if you sit outside you can take cool pictures, but mind the wind!


Is there a ticket? How can I get it and how much is it?

Tickets are for 1 day or 2 days visit.
You can both take the ticket on site or book your ticket online from Homo Faber Website.
Full price is 10-12€, but there are reductions (example: only 2€ ticket for 18-25 yo) and or free entrance (check if you are eligible).

Tip💡: We suggest getting your ticket online to access at a discounted price and for a quicker entrance

About Homo Faber 2022 – topic and highlights of this second edition.


Living treasures of Europe and Japan.
This is the title of Homo Faber 2022, indeed for its second edition, the event is even more international; with a special focus on craftspeople from Japan the event will highlight the excellence of master craftsmanship beyond the European borders.

Best of! The 5 exhibitions/ spaces you really can’t miss!
The exhibition spaces are 15 in total, all extremely well curated and very impressive, but considering going back to visit with a limited time, we would definitely start from these 5 listed below!



N. 1

Magnae Chartae

Homo faber 2022 Magnae Chartae

In the picture, the Origami project by the designer and architect Charles Kaisin. This is a participative project with a great aim: raising money for charity! Go look at #origamiforlife
This installation is at the entrance of the room Magnae Chartae, curated by Michele Delucchi.
In this space you will also find surprising paper sculptures, a paper flower wall and the corner of Montblanc, where you can discover the 35 steps to make a nib.
This exhibition space has conquered us!

Curator: Michele De Lucchi
Space: F


N. 2

Details: Genealogies of Ornament

Homo faber 2022 Details: Genealogies of Ornament

Then, we highly recommend the space curated by Judith Clark.
This room is dedicated to 15 luxury maisons, where master craftsmen are working live in studio spaces, demonstrating the steps necessary to create unique pieces. Don’t be shy and ask questions to the artisans, but also to the young ambassadors in the room!

Curator: Judith Clark
Space: O


N. 3

12 Stone Garden and The Ateliers of Wonders

Homo faber 2022 12 Stone Garden and The Ateliers of Wonders

Next comes the room dedicated to Japan National Living Treasures, master artisans whose traditional skills are prized in Japan as integral to its cultural heritage.
We loved this evocative exhibition with pieces selected by the renowned museum director Tokugo Uchida and designed by Naoto Fukasawa.

Similarly, if you liked this room, you should also visit the photographic gallery in the Cypress Cloister. Right outside the 12 Stone Garden exhibition you can appreciate the pictures made by Rinko Kawauchi.

Curators: Rinko Kawauchi, Naoto Fukasawa
Spaces: A, B


N. 4

Blossoming Beauty

Homo faber 2022 Blossoming Beauty

An incredible and immersive experience!
Blossoming Beauty is like entering in a kaleidoscope.
10 Flower designers worked with the leading glass manufacturer Venini, designing the vases for the flower installation they had in mind.

Curators: Michelangelo Foundation, Sylvain Roca, Venini
Space: K


N. 5

Next of Europe

Homo faber 2022 Next of Europe

Lastly, you really can’t go away without entering the incredible room curated by Jean Blanchaert and Stefano Boeri.
It is set in the tapestry room of the foundation, right close to Blossoming Beauty.
Replacing the tapestries, more than 150 masterpieces by European artisans are decoding the walls.
What all the artisans in the room have in common is a commitment to passing on their expertise to the next generation.

Curators: Jean Blanchaert and Stefano Boeri
Space: L


Additional activities

If you are planning to stay in Venice for more than 1 day, consider these other activities, you won’t regret it!

There are other incredible spaces, galleries, ateliers that you can visit around Venice.

Book a visit here: Homo Faber in the City

Also, from 23 April (to 27 November) the famous Venice Biennale will take place. The International Art Exhibition, curated by Cecilia Alemani, is a real must go!


Links and Contacts

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