Geppetto is over!: A photographic exhibition for Milan Design Week

Geppetto is over!: A photographic exhibition for Milan Design Week

Discover the future of craftsmanship at Milan Design Week with TA-DAAN's 'Geppetto is over!' exhibition. Meet the new faces of artisanal innovation at our pop-up store.

In Milan's center, tradition and innovation blend beautifully, creating something truly special. Milan Design Week, is an annual event synonymous with avant-garde concepts and pioneering designs that stand as a reflection of this evolution. This year, under the compelling theme 'Geppetto is over!', we stand on the ground of a renaissance, championed by artisans who redefine the spirit of their crafts. At the heart of this transformative journey is TA-DAAN, with one of our TA-DAAN members - Beatrice Bertone's lens capturing the soul of contemporary craftsmanship through a series of evocative portraits.

Behind the Camera: A Photographic Odyssey

Bea traveled across Europe for her shooting journey, visiting historic cities like Paris, Barcelona, and Milan. This journey was a tribute to the artisans who are the heart of TA-DAAN's spirits. More than 30 artists from the TA-DAAN community were captured in their element, in the peace of their workplaces. These portraits are windows into the world of those who weave the fabric of innovation with threads of tradition, they’re artisans of the ever-growing TA-DAAN community. Peek into this collection as part of our Pop Up store exhibition. 

Margherita Potenza: The Alchemist of Jewelry

Margherita Potenza, with her Fluida collection, transforms the conventional into the extraordinary. Educated at the Royal College of Art in London and honed as a goldsmith in Amsterdam, Margherita's creations are a dialogue between the wearer and the worn. Her unique wax 'drawing' technique ensures that each piece, while part of a series, is a singular masterpiece, embodying bespoke elegance and a confident spirit.

Cora Sabourin: The Ceramic Ritualist

French artist Coraline Sabourin, who found her muse in the malleable realms of clay, crafts ceramic pieces that celebrate life's rituals. With a background in fashion and arts, her work is an intimate dance with nature, history, and the self. Each piece, from her conceptual sculptures to her tableware, tells a story of connection and presence, crafted with care in her Barcelona studio.

Juliette Moussy: The Ethereal Modeller

Juliette Moussy, a French artist based in Barcelona, finds her inspiration in the primal and the ethnic, crafting ceramics that whisper tales of ancient crafts and untouched wilderness. Her hands mold clay into raw and refined forms, minimal in glaze yet rich in narrative. Co-founding the Bcn Clay Studio, Juliette's work is a bridge between the ancestral and the modern, an occasion to appreciate the natural beauty.

Liu Pei: The Architect of Adornment

Taiwanese-born Pei Liu, founder of Crush Jewel, merges the organic with the architectural, crafting jewelry that is both an expression and an exploration. Educated in the UK and Barcelona, Liu Pei's creations showcase the lasting importance of skilled handiwork. Every piece is carefully made, aiming to be cherished across generations. Her nature-inspired designs break the mold and highlight the beauty in simplicity.

Ana Miranda: The Artisan of Utility

Ana Miranda fell in love with ceramics when she was just 13, and what started as a hobby became her passion and profession. As an industrial designer, she makes sure her pieces are not only beautiful but also useful. Every item she creates has its unique, handmade touch. Ana's work really speaks to the beauty of those little imperfections that show something is made by hand, not just churned out by machines.

Experience the Renaissance of Craftsmanship at Our Pop-Up Store

This year's Milan Design Week, taking place from April 15th to 21st, is set to be an immersive showcase of contemporary craftsmanship and innovative design. TA-DAAN invites you to experience this transformative journey firsthand at our pop-up store located in the heart of the 5vie art district, renowned for its dedication to craftsmanship, tradition, and handmade artistry.

Our pop-up store, open daily from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm at Via Nerino 2, offers an intimate glimpse into the world of our artisans. Engage with the minds behind the masterpieces through live show-crafting performances, in-depth talks, and personal meet-and-greets. Witness the fusion of tradition and innovation as our selected artisans bring their creations to life, sharing their stories and processes.

Join Us in Celebrating the New Faces of Craftsmanship

We're kicking off a fresh chapter of incredible artistry and we'd love for you to be part of it. Come see the amazing skills and creativity that today's craftsmen bring to the table. Browse their collections, see how they work their magic, and meet the people who are taking design to new heights.

Stopping by our pop-up store during Milan Design Week does more than just support these talented artisans; it adds your thread to the colorful story of this event. Let's celebrate the new, appreciate the craft, and enjoy the stunning world of design together.

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Every piece is carefully made, aiming to be cherished across generations.